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Ævileið III

Suitable, for example, for the investment period after withdrawals begin.

Ævileið III is well suited for persons who will be investing their personal pension savings for a short- or medium-term period, and is intended, for example, for fund members who have begun withdrawing their pension savings. Ævileið III involves limited risk by combining bond investments with deposits. Its strategy is to have around 80% of the portfolio invested in bonds and around 20% in deposits. Equities are not part of the investment portfolio of Ævileið III. The objective is to preserve the accumulated assets while delivering a positive real return.

Ævilína option, automatic transfer between portfolios with increasing age

Members are offered automatic transfers between the investment options as they grow older. Assets are transferred at the following age limits:

  • Members younger than 55 years of age: Ævileið I.
  • Members older than 54 years of age: Ævileið II.
  • Ævileið III option: Once withdrawals begin.

If a fund member has not chosen automatic transfer between investment options, however, it is possible to do so later.


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