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Meet the management team of the fund. 

The management team

Guðmundur Þ3 Guðmundur Þ3

Guðmundur Þ. Þórhallsson


With a background in the fund's asset management from 1997, Guðmundur has held the position of CEO since 2009. The CEO handles day-to-day operations, develops and implements long-term priorities in the fund's policies, and coordinates and integrates its operations.

Guðmundur has a vast track record in the financial market and is a trained business analyst with a cand. oecon degree from the University of Iceland.

Thomas Möller1 Thomas Möller1

Tómas N. Möller

General Counsel

Tómas joined LV as General Counsel and head of LV’s legal department in 2008. The department provides legal advice to the board and the executive director as well as supporting the fund's divisions. The legal team, which consists of three professionals, provides advice on governance and oversees the integration of sustainability into the business. 

Tómas is an attorney who has sought further education in the fields of management, governance and securities trading, as well as the practice of responsible investments and sustainability in business operations. Tómas has a financial background in the both the private and the public sectors and has held a position on the Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels.

Arne Arne

Arne Vagn Olsen

Chief Investment Officer

Arne Vagn joined LV in 2018. Asset management is responsible for the day-to-day management of the fund’s portfolios, including analysis of markets, investment options and business decisions. The team consists of eight professionals, who manage the portfolio domestically and abroad, and all communication with market participants and issuers of financial instruments.

Arne Vagn has a degree in Marine industry and has an MBA from Copenhagen Business School, as well as being a licensed securities broker. He has worked in the financial market since 1999. 

Margrét Kristinsdóttir Margrét Kristinsdóttir

Margrét Kristinsdóttir

Managing Director of Pension Department

The Pension department handles member applications, pension rulings and payments, private pensions, services and counselling in the pension fund’s products. The team consists of six professionals and three medical officers.  

Margrét has a master's degree in Business Economics from the Universität Trier in Germany, as well as being a licensed securities broker.  Before joining LV in 1995, Margrét had a background as an executive manager in the retail market.  

Magnus Helgason3a Magnus Helgason3a

Magnús Helgason

Managing Director of Risk

Magnús joined LV in 2015. Risk Management develops and implements the fund's risk management strategy, performs risk assessments and analyses, and is involved in the development and implementation of the fund's control system. The team consists of three professionals. 

Magnús is a trained computer scientist with a master's degree in finance and investments, as well as being a licensed securities broker. His background is within risk management in the financial sector since 2010.

Valgarður Sverrisson Valgarður Sverrisson

Valgarður I. Sverrisson

Chief Financial Officer

Valgarður joined LV in 1986. The Finance Department is responsible for financial accounting, central processing, payments and annual accounts. The teams consists of five professionals. 

Valgarður has a master's degree in Business Economics (MBA) from McGill University Montreal, as well as being a licensed securities broker. 

Haraldur Arason Ny2023 Haraldur Arason Ny2023

Haraldur Arason

Chief Information Officer

Haraldur joined LV in 1986. The IT department implements the fund's information system strategy, supervises IT outsourcing, handles user service and operations of computer systems. The team comprises seven professionals  in the capacity of programmers and software developers.  

Haraldur is a trained computer scientist from the University of Iceland and has a vast experience in software development and IT operations. 

Hildur Hörn 3 Hildur Hörn 3

Hildur Hörn Daðadóttir

Chief Operations Officer

Hildur Hörn joined LV in 2021. The fund’s Operations team manages internal and external services, the customer journey and process efficiency. The Operations team has 26 employees in six departments: quality control, human resources, customer service, marketing, premium payments and member loans.  

Hildur Hörn has a BSc in Hotel Management from UNLV, USA and an MBA in International Management from the University of Reykjavík, Iceland. Her background is in the financial sector where she has led product development, services and operations. Hildur has completed a Future of Sustainable Business course ath the University of Oxford.