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Why choose LV for your pension

We are proud to protect the interests of our 186 thousand fund members who have enjoyed the results of the performance success of the fund since 1956.

LV is owned solely by the fund members and is obligated to work only in their best interests. 

LIV Lifeyrissjodur Verzlunarmanna Myndabanki 6 0223 LIV Lifeyrissjodur Verzlunarmanna Myndabanki 6 0223

Good longterm rates of return

Established in 1956

Low cost of operations

Personal pension advisors


Personal Pension Savings

Lifelong pension

Disability pension

Spouse/partner's pension

Lifelong Pension

With your contributions to LV you earn the right to a lifelong pension with monthly payments that last a lifetime, no matter how long you live.

Financial Protection against illness or death

Protection for you and your loved ones in case of illness or death, which is among the best offered by pension funds. Make comparisons, as there can be significant differences in such benefits between funds.

Personal Pension Savings

Allocate up to 9.5% to personal savings: specified personal savings and personal pension savings.

Long term results

The fund’s 10-year annual nominal return was 8.7% and real return was 4.8% at the end of 2023. Make comparisons because every percent matters significantly in returns over a long time.

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Loans for members

Once you start paying your pension to LV you will soon become eligible to apply for a loan (mortgage). We offer competitive loan terms for members offering both indexed and non-indexed mortgages.

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Who are our Fund Members?

The fund is open to anyone earning wages or self-employed if they are not obliged to pay into another fund by collective wage agreements.

Our largest group of members are working in business and commerce, office workers, specialists, retail and most service industries. Other major industries are IT and telecoms, finance and insurance, transport, manufacturing, technology and science, real estate and leasing and the hospitality industries.  


If you receive wages according to VR union collective wage agreements you are obliged to pay into LV pension fund.

About Us

We are the Pension Fund of Commerce


Retail & services


IT & Telecoms


Finance & insurance






Technology & Science


Real estate & leasing



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Monika Magdalena Jagusiak


It is very simple to choose LV. When your employer asks which pension fund you want to invest your pension you can tell them to pay into LV or LIVE (Pension Fund of Commerce). You don´t even need an application. You can find your balance and payments in My pages.


Do you have any questions?

You are welcome to contact us via the contact form or you can make an appointment to see a pension adviser ready to help you navigate the pension system of Iceland.

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