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Personal Pension Savings To Fund Your Dreams

Personal pension savings are a great way to finance future dreams. Do you want to acquire a property earlier, stop working sooner or simply have good savings? Find out more about the most efficient form of savings available in Iceland.

LIV Lifeyrissjodur Verzlunarmanna Myndabanki 2 0223 LIV Lifeyrissjodur Verzlunarmanna Myndabanki 2 0223

Don't miss out on a bonus!

When you save 2 to 4% of your gross salary in personal pension savings, your employer adds 2%. It's a bonus that makes a difference!  A specified personal pension can give you more flexibility to draw on your pension earlier. 

Tax advantage

2% employers contribution

Applicable for downpayment on first apartment

Most advantageous savings option today

Choose How to Invest Your Savings

The fund offers three investment options in private savings. These are Ævileið I, Ævileið II and Ævileið III. You can also choose Ævilína, which includes automatic transfers between investment portfolios with increasing age. 


The Verðbréfaleið or securities investment option was open to new fund members until 1 July 2017. It follows the same investment strategy as the mutual fund division.

Fund member who have pension savings in the Verðbréfaleið are permitted to transfer their assets to Ævileið I, II or III, but are not permitted to transfer assets from any Ævileið to the Verðbréfaleið.

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Calculate Your Savings

Do you want to know what your balance will be in private savings when you retire? The calculation is based on the input you provide and is for reference only. 

Please bear in mind that we assume a 5% return on investment and that savings will continue to 67 years of age even if you can start withdrawing from 60 year old. 

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Your contribution

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Salary decreases by

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Monthly savings

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Decrease in disposable income

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Monthly for 10 yr.

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Retirement in Iceland

In Iceland retirement pensions are made up of social insurance payments (TR), payments from pension funds, supplemental pension savings and other savings.

Payments from pension funds reduce the amount received from the social insurance fund, so it is important that pension applicants consult with the Social Insurance Administration (TR) about their rights.

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