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Enjoy Your Pension!

Lífeyrissjóður verzlunarmanna (e. Pension Fund of Commerce) is the largest pension fund in the private sector in Iceland. Founded in 1956 we have operated successfully for over 67 years. The fund is open to all employees as well as self-employed individuals. 

LIV Lifeyrissjodur Verzlunarmanna Myndabanki 1B 0223

Why should LV be your first choice for your pension?

Our goal is to maximize the pension of our fund members through responsible investments. The fund is entirely owned by the fund members and only members benefit from the fund's performance success.  Anyone receiving wages or self-employed person can pay their premiums to LV. Find out what we have to offer you and your family. 

Responsible investments

LV's goal is to maximize the long-term return of the fund's portfolios, taking into account risk, in the interests of fund members.

LV believes that investing in financial instruments issued by companies, public entities and other issuers that base their operations on a sustainable basis supports responsible long-term returns. Therefore, LV emphasizes that the fund's portfolios consist of financial instruments of issuers that maintain good governance and are based on business models where the emphasis is on sustainable value creation.

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